Accessibility everywhere

Accessibility everywhere

The story of Pratsam

Pratsam Ab was founded in March 2005 as the result of a successful pilot project overseen by Norra Österbottens svenska synskadade rf (NÖSS). During the project, Jonas Storholm and Roger Sundsten were responsible for the development of the key hardware and software; a need was also seen for an organization or company to take care of the manufacturing, further development and day-to-day operation of the players and systems that were being developed.

During Pratsam’s first decade, over 5.000 visually impaired or print disabled individuals accessed over 450.000 accessible books and 400.000 accessible newspapers, all distributed online using the Pratsam system. In the year 2021 over 50.000 patrons and subscribers used Pratsam systems to receive accessible content and over 900.000 accessible books were distributed online by Pratsam.

Daisy logoPratsam delivers complete systems for the management of accessible publications, from production using speech synthesis to the administration of users, players and content in a customized system for Internet distribution. An important part of Pratsam’s system is support for DAISY, a collection of international standards for accessible books and newspapers.