Digital service for visually impaired

Frequently asked questions

How does the Pratsam system work?

Pratsam distributes accessible publications over the Internet, primarily in a special digital format called DAISY. For playback, players – in the form of specialized devices, a computer software program or a mobile phone application (app) - are connected to the Internet through a fast, wireless or cellular connection.

How much does the Pratsam system cost?

The Pratsam system, including related solutions for playback, is normally managed by an organization. Each organization independently decides whether fees for the publications being offered or support services (such as installation or problem-solving) will be charged.

For example, the Finnish state-owned Accessibility Library Celia does not charge subscribers any fees. Subscribers to Swedish-language accessible newspapers can also subscribe for free. Be aware that access to an account requires a reading disability. Please see each organization’s website for more information.

Where can I get a player?

Players are available from the various organizations that use the Pratsam system. Please contact your talking book library or organization for more information.

Who will set up the player for me?

In that players are available from various sources, this will depend on each organization’s resources. Please contact your talking book library or organization for more information.

My player is not connecting to the Internet, what is the problem?

Sometimes there is interference when connecting to the Internet. A simple step that you can take, which usually solves this problem, is to reset or reboot your Internet router (turn it off for a few seconds before restarting it again).

Who can help if my player is not working?

Please contact the person who delivered the player and ask them to help you with this matter.

What do I do if today’s newspaper is not available?

If today’s newspaper is not available or has not been made accessible within the expected timeframe, please contact the organization that manages your subscription for more information. 

Can I save an accessible newspaper?

With the Pratsam system it is possible to save accessible newspapers for several weeks, and you can easily navigate through saved newspapers using the player’s control panel. With Pratsam Reader App the newspaper can also be stored on the device by the end user.

Why is the voice reading the text so slow?

With some players it is possible increase or decrease the speed at which a text is read. If you have decreased the audio speed, the player will save this speed setting for the next time that a text is played. 

Can I use the same player to play both accessible newspapers and books?

Modern players using the DAISY standard allow users to connect their players to multiple content providers. Please contact the organization or the talking book library that manages your subscription for more information.