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Pratsam Reader Web

Pratsam Reader Web

Easy to use DAISY reader web app

Pratsam Reader Web is an accessible digital talking book player customized for use by the visually impaired and those with print disabilities.

The player supports the international DAISY standard, works with common web browsers and does not require installation. The DAISY player web app is consequently very easy for new users to use.

Pratsam Reader Web playing DAISY books in a cross-platform illustration

Users can open the player by clicking on an icon or a link sent by e-mail. Pratsam Reader Web can also be integrated as a link or icon on a website. Because playback is streamed from Pratsam Sever, an accessible book can be played immediately once opened.

DAISY player for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android

The player works in web browsers on all modern computers and iOS and Android devices, both phones and tablets. That's why Pratsam Reader Web is an excellent choice if the users might have different platforms and want to use DAISY books on Mac-, Windows- or Linux-computers. The web app synchronizes the users bookmarks automatically between different playback devices and the DAISY Online-service on Pratsam Server.

Web browser logosPratsam Reader Web is continuously updated to support new web browser versions on all platforms and extensively tested for use with the most common web browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge (previously known as Internet Explorer).

Simple user interface

The design of the player’s user interface includes simple functions: “play”, “pause”, “skip forward” and “skip back” buttons help users navigate. From a built in menu users can add bookmarks or navigate by table of contents, by page number or by bookmarks. 

When used on a computer, the Pratsam Reader Web player can be operated using nine shortcut buttons on the keyboard (play, pause, jump back or forward, menus, etc).

Currently available in English, Swedish and Finnish language versions, Pratsam Reader Web can easily be translated into other languages.

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Supports DAISY 2.02

Pratsam Reader Web supports the DAISY 2.02 standard (all types with "Full audio") for accessible digital books. The player displays text and pictures with the current sentence highlited when listening.