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Pratsam Reader App

Pratsam Reader App

For iOS and Android

Pratsam Reader App is a DAISY player application (app) which works on smartphones and tablets, customized for use by the visually impaired and other print disabled. DAISY is an internationally established digital format for accessible books and newspapers.

Stream or download

Using the DAISY player app, users can select content from an accessible books service provider or play content from the internal memory of a device. The app supports streaming of accessible digital books over the Internet, using the DAISY Online Delivery Protocol.

For later listening it is possible to also download accessible books to the app, if the users service provider allows it. Advanced users can add content to a device via a computer.

A full-featured DAISY app

Pratsam Reader App has all of the functions expected of a full-featured app designed for the visually impaired. The app includes functions that allow users to navigate material, use bookmarks, use sleep timers or change the playback speed.

During playback the displayed text is highlighted and the text size can be adjusted to a suitable size for the user.

Supports DAISY 2.02 and DAISY OnlineDaisy logo

Pratsam Reader App supports the DAISY 2.02 standard (all types with "Full audio") for accessible digital books. The player also supports DAISY Online Delivery Protocol.

Download the app free of charge

Pratsam Reader App is made available in Finland through cooperation with Sensotec and the users can access over 40.000 DAISY titles from the national library Celia. The DAISY reader app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store (iOS ) or from Google Play (Android): see links below. 

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