DAISY online delivery

Pratsam Server

Pratsam Server

A solution for the future

Pratsam Server replaces expensive solutions available for the distribution of accessible books and newspapers to the visually impaired, such as the mailing of CDs or cassettes. Pratsam Server supports DAISY and DAISY Online.

Distribution via the Internet is less expensive and quicker than mail. At the same time online distribution is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.

Scalable distribution with many options

Pratsam Server can deliver accessible books and newspapers in various formats to computers, mobile phones, tablets or other devices customized for the visually impaired, such as DAISY Online-players. Users and books can be managed with various interfaces.

Graphical overview of Pratsam Server delivering DAISY online

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Accessible publications can be streamed directly or downloaded for later listening without the need to connect to the Internet. Pratsam Server supports several distribution methods, among other the DAISY Online Delivery Protocol.

The Pratsam Server system is designed to be scalable, and it is easy to increase the number of users and publications in a previously installed system.

Administration through a web browser

The Pratsam Server system includes an administration interface were it is possible to:

  • Manage via a web browser or an API
  • Manage books, players and users
  • Retrieve statistics and tailored reports (for invoicing, etc)
  • Follow-up any user problems

For end users, there are user webpages where:

  • Publications can be downloaded (subject to vendor agreement)
  • Publications can be opened directly using Reader Web or Reader Win
  • Software can be downloaded
  • Automated e-mails with links to books

Cloud service or dedicated server

Pratsam Server is delivered as a cloud service, and a cloud provider can be chosen in accordance with client wishes. We have experience of several types of server solutions and configurations, including operation.

For larger installations, we can directly deliver dedicated server solutions to a client’s premises or to a server hotel. If necessary, the server system can be spread out geographically in order to minimize the risk that a server might not be available if an Internet provider is experiencing problems.

Security is always a high priority, and we carefully monitor and update all systems.

Supports DAISY standards and protocols

Pratsam Server supports DAISY Online Delivery Protocol 1.0, zip-file download and playback in a web app. Pratsam Server features extensive DAISY 2.02-support and optional watermarking of DAISY 2.02-books, which makes each distributed copy of a book unique and traceable.

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