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Accessibility everywhere


Norra Österbottens svenska synskadade rf (NÖSS)

The Pratsam system emerged from a pilot project initiated by Norra Österbottens svenska synskadade rf (NÖSS, a non-profit organisation supporting visually impaired people in their daily lives) and Jakobstads Tidning (a regional newspaper) during 2002-2004.

From 2005-2013, NÖSS continued supporting the development of the Pratsam system together with Pratsam and several of Pratsam’s products were created during this time. NÖSS is also part owner of Pratsam, ensuring that Pratsam’s products and services are specifically designed with the needs of the visually impaired in mind.


Kolibre logoIn 2012, Pratsam Ab, NÖSS and the Federation of Swedish Speaking Visually Impaired in Finland (FSVIF) founded the Kolibre association, a registered non-profit organisation in Finland.

The purpose of Kolibre is to administer the main content of the Pratsam system in the form of general software code, publish and manage the same content as open source code and create a dedicated development community for future developments.

Since being founded, Kolibre has developed many new features in the open source solution. Organizations in (among other countries) Germany, Russia and the state of South Africa has used Kolibre’s open source solution to provide their print disabled members with online services supporting DAISY and DAISY Online.

If an organisation or a company is interested in building more demanding solutions with the Kolibre code, Pratsam is available for consultation, development and maintenance services. 

You can read more about Kolibre at

The international DAISY Consortium

Daisy Consortium logoPratsam is a member of the international DAISY Consortium and develops systems based on the standards that the consortium develops and maintains. You can read more about the DAISY consortium at


Sensotec logoSensotec is a Belgian company that provides the platform for Pratsam Reader App. Sensotec’s solutions are used by the print disabled in many different countries.

You can read more about Sensotec at