Mobile DAISY player

Pratsam Mobile

Pratsam Mobile

Complete freedom

Pratsam Mobile is a portable DAISY player that supports cellular networks and the DAISY Online Delivery Protocol. The handheld player is customized for use by the blind and visually impaired.

Pratsam Mobile is an excellent choice for listeners who seek access to accessible digital books or newspapers, independent of geographical location or the time of the day. The Pratsam Mobile player can be compared to a radio, where listeners can choose what they want to listen to and when they want to listen.

Always connected

Pratsam Mobile has built-in support for cellular networks with high-speed data transfer. This enables users to use the mobile DAISY player online anywhere there is cellular network coverage.

For connections, a standard SIM-card provided by a network operator is used.

A versatile playback device

Pratsam Mobile includes functions that allow users to navigate easily and logically in DAISY books, use bookmarks, sleep timers or change the playback speed. The player has large, tactile buttons for easy use and continuously guides the user with a guiding voice, for example when the device needs to report a status to the user such as the battery level.

Pratsam Mobile supports micro-USB charging, standard SD-cards and headphones.

Supports DAISY 2.02 and DAISY Online

Daisy logoPratsam Mobile supports the DAISY 2.02 standard (all types with "Full audio") for accessible digital books. The player also supports the DAISY Online Delivery Protocol 1.0.

In Finland, the Finnish state-owned special library Celia, the Association of Swedish Talking Newspapers in Finland and the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired (FFVI) offer online services to the visually impaired and other print-disabled individuals. Pratsam Mobile can connect to these DAISY Online-services and play back the accessible books and newspapers instantly when a connection has been established.