Accessible digital service

Accessible digital service

Amazon Alexa skill released

Published 28.06.2022

Pratsam Reader Voice is a white label voice assistant service enabling organizations such as libraries to provide end-users with audiobook content from their catalogue.

Once deployed, the service enables visually impaired and other print disabled to listen to and navigate accessible audiobook formats such as DAISY by using voice commands. In 2020 Pratsam Reader Voice was released on the Google Assistant -platform making it possible for libraries and organizations with a Daisy Online Delivery Protocol (DODP) compatible backend to quickly and easily launch a voice assistant service.

Now we are proud to announce that Pratsam Reader Voice also works on the Amazon Alexa -platform, making it possible for end-users to browse their bookshelf and listen to books from a DODP service straight to voice enabled devices such as the Amazon Echo Dot. Last read position and bookmarks are synchronized to the DODP and it is also possible to navigate in the DAISY book structure by pages and chapters.

As a demo, Pratsam has released an Amazon Alexa skill named "Accessible Book Service" available at Anyone can create a free demo account with a sample DAISY book in the bookshelf.

Pratsam offers branding and customization of the PRV service for organizations such as libraries. The PRV service is available in English and can easily be translated to other languages supported by the Amazon Alexa platform.

Visit for more information.


Pratsam is a software company developing IT solutions for accessible books and newspapers, made available by organizations to the visually impaired and other print disabled. Founded in 2005, Pratsam has developed many products for the management of accessible digital audio publications, from production automation to end-user reading solutions, utilizing scalable cloud or dedicated computing environments. For playback at the end-user, Pratsam offers several accessible apps for computers, tablets, smartphones, and voice assistants, adapted for persons with visual impairments and other print disabilities.


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